The popular Christmas film National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation has just about every holiday accident you can think of— from setting the tree on fire to electrocuting the cat to falling off the house. While these types of accidents and injuries provide a good laugh in the movies, they are very real. In fact, a lot of accidents occur over the holiday season, including fires, electrocutions, slips and falls, and car accidents. Fortunately, many of these accidents can be avoided by being cautious and using good judgement. Here are four common holiday accidents and how you can avoid them.

1. Fires. According to the United States Fire Administration, fires caused by cooking, heating and open flame all increase during the holiday season, and these fires are more severe than the average fire during the year across all loss measures. From 2004 to 2008, there were about 260 home fires each year due to Christmas trees, and 150 caused by decorative and holiday lights. To help prevent fires, do not leave holiday lights, candles, portable heaters, cooking appliances, and fireplaces unattended. Also make sure your smoke alarm is working efficiently and that your family knows what to do in the event of a fire.

2. Electrocutions. On average, 5,000 people visit the emergency room due to indoor and outdoor electrical decoration mishaps during the holiday season, according to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. Careless decorating is the leading cause of electrocutions during the holiday season, which can result in cardiac arrest, thermal burns, and other injuries. To help avoid electrocutions, use LED holiday lights and authentic extension cords; do not overload electrical sockets; never touch electric wirings when wet; and always unplug electrical holiday decorations before going to sleep or leaving the house.

3. Slips, Trips and Falls. Approximately 5,800 people are treated annually in emergency rooms for injuries sustained from falls involving holiday decorations, according to the Electrical Safety Foundation International. Additionally, 4,000 people are treated in ERs for injuries from extension cords, and half of these accidents lead to fractures, contusions, sprains and lacerations. Along with extension cords, many fall accidents involve ladders. When decorating for the holidays, be aware of your surroundings and make sure a stool or ladder is stable before you step on it.

4. Car Accidents. The holiday season is one of the busiest travel periods of the year and a prime time for accidents. According to OVI lawyers located in Delaware, accidents can occur as a result of the increased number of travelers, winter conditions, distracted driving, and drunk driving. Before you get behind the wheel, always wear a seatbelt, avoid using your phone and other distractions while driving, and drive cautiously on slick, icy roads. If you plan on consuming alcohol, always have a designated driver unless you want to get into an accident and have to call a drunk driving accident lawyer. For more information, you can see The Hogle Law Firm in Mesa website. There are some last minute errands that might lead to arrests that fall under DUI from riding a scooter and hence it is better to remain sober until your chores are done or call a cab.

By being aware of the potential accidents and how to avoid them, you can keep yourself and your family safe this holiday season. In the event that an unexpected accident occurs, contact our NJ personal injury lawyer at Hyberg, White & Mann Law Firm. Our law firm can assist you with your personal injury claim and guide you through the litigation process.

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