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“Over the years, Joe White and his staff have always treated me like I was their most important and only Workers’ Compensation client. Time and again, Mr. White has succeeded in changing my life for the better. I am forever grateful to Mr. White for all his efforts and dedication on my behalf”

– Ric

“Mr. White worked with me until we settled on an agreement we were happy with, as well as keeping me informed and communicating the whole time with me. Mr. White and Jamie made the whole process very simple and easy for me . Excellent work , thank you.”

– Dana

“After being injured by a work accident, I was unable to work and dealing with a great deal of worries. I contacted Joseph White for a consultation. He was highly recommended by a family friend. Mr. White was confident and experienced. He is definitely an expert in his field. He helped me through many obstacles and in the end I was awarded the second injury fund. I would highly recommend Mr. White and his staff. You will not be disappointed if you hire him.”

– Perry

“Mr. White, thank you for everything that you did to win my WC case. I appreciate your being patient with me. You are a good man and you did a great job. It’s hard to find good people nowadays.”

– Elliot

“I would recommend Joe White and his office for anyone with a workers compensation injury. Joe and his staff are very understanding and will work with you to make your case as easy and painless as possible. Joe and his staff are very thorough and get the results you deserve. I would definitely use Joe again in the future.”

– Steve

“I cannot articulate in words how grateful I am to Joe White and his staff for winning my workers’ compensation cases and giving me a much less stressful life. His legal skills are magnificent. We will remain friends for life.”

– Muddy

“I really felt comfortable working with the Hyberg White & Mann law firm. Although I had a very difficult workers’ compensation case, I am VERY Satisfied with the outcome. Joe White and his staff always responded to my questions and my concerns. They took great care of everything for me and always informed me what was going on. I would Highly Recommend Joe White to anyone who needs help! Thank you for all your hard work and long hours on my case!”

– JA

“Joe White is an absolutely outstanding NJ Workers Compensation Trial Attorney. He is extremely experienced and driven with a work ethic second to none. He is well respected within the court system and will go head-to-head with the insurance company to fight for his clients rights. Joe is, in my opinion, what all lawyers should be. He is relentlessly dedicated to the pursuit of justice. His entire law firm follows suit. He is supported by a very diligent staff of caring professionals who always made me feel at home. Suffice it to say that choosing Joe White, as my attorney, is one of the best decisions that I have ever made. His efforts and expertise have changed my life. “

– Diane C.

“With much respect and great appreciation, I would like to thank Joe White and his staff for their excellent legal service in my Worker’s Compensation case. My experience with Hyberg, White & Mann was a very welcoming one considering the serious injuries I suffered at work which left me with long-term physical damage. I was always treated with much dignity and empathy. The Worker’s Compensation benefits that Mr. White and his firm provided exceeded my expectations. I am extremely satisfied with the fantastic and professional work done for me. In the future, I will continue to use Hyberg, White & Mann for any further services that I may need and will fully recommend your office to those in need of assistance.”

– Danny B.

“Mr. White, it’s been a pleasure having you represent me on my workers compensation case. I appreciate the time & attention you took to explain and make sure I understand everything, every step of the way. Your professionalism and that of your team (especially Jamie) is second to none. Thank you for all the hard work.”

– Nikeya E.

“[They] are extremely knowledgeable in [workers’ compensation] … professionalism and attentiveness went above and beyond. I listened to all advice and it clearly paid off.”

– Jim

“Mr. White and his staff resolved my fiance’s workers compensation case much faster than we expected. We are delighted with the result.”

– Kathy

“Joe White and his team handled a workman’s comp claim for my father. From day one, Joe showed true compassion for my family. He always kept us informed of status and thoroughly explained the entire process. He gave us realistic expectations, but in the end, he exceeded them. I strongly recommend Joe White and his firm.”

– Kathy

“Best Decision I ever made. If you are in a situation for Workers’ Comp, please select Hyberg White Mann. Top notch. Dan White was incredible for me. Knowledgeable, Patient, Respectful, and Understanding. He steered me through the whole process. They were the most positive thing that happened for me in my horrible situation. Thanks again Dan!”

– JT

“Reaching out to HWM Law firm for my work injury and being represented by Joe White was the best decision I could have made. Workers Compensation Companies do not protect you, but Joe White did, and I ultimately received what I was entitled to under the law. Rest assured he will protect you, too.  Throughout the whole ordeal, it was reassuring to know I could contact Joe and his staff with any questions or concerns and receive knowledgeable explanations and direction. Joe was honest and straight forward from the beginning of the process to the final day. Even now after settlement, Joe and his staff continue to be there for me concerning any issues that come up.”

– John J.

“I cannot thank Mr. White and his staff enough for all their hard work and effort obtaining lifetime Worker’s Compensation benefits for me.  His advice, experience, preparation and expertise brought about the most favorable outcome for me and I was thrilled with the outcome of my case.  After being seriously injured at work, I spent over 4 years worried and unsure about my future.  He gave me hope all along the way and eventually my life back with a sense of future security for me & my family!!  I will highly recommend Mr. White’s services and firm to anyone who needs workers compensation or personal injury legal representation.

Once again a million thanks, Mr. White, from a very satisfied client.  All the best for you and Hyberg, White & Mann, with a special shout-out to paralegal, Jamie, for all her help, patience and understanding.  “She is the Best”!”

– Paul S.

“I just wanted to express my sincere gratitude to Joe White and his staff for helping me with the somewhat difficult experience I had with my workman’s compensation case. I found everyone that I dealt in his office courteous, highly knowledgeable and extremely helpful. Anytime I had a question or needed help with some problem, Joe, Kathleen or another person in the office would resolve my issue quickly and efficiently.  I was so impressed and pleased with all aspects of my experience at Hyberg White & Mann, I have since referred a very close personal friend to them.  Not surprisingly, he reports nothing but positive comments about his experience, too. 

Thank You Again!”

– Jon

“When I was first hurt on the job in 1999, dealing with the claims representative by myself proved to be very difficult and intimidating.  I often felt harassed.  A close friend strongly recommended I see attorney Joe White and I am happy I did.  The service was exceptional.  He took charge and from that point on spared me from a lot of the hassle.  Eventually he worked out a good settlement.  I have been injured at work two more times and each time I was well taken care of by Mr. White, his staff, and his law firm.  I am not only a client, but a very happy and satisfied client.  I have since confidently recommended Joe White to family and friends for their Workers’ Compensation claims.  Whether you get hurt on the job or in a motor vehicle accident, Hyberg, White & Mann is the law firm you want to call.”

– David P.

My family/friends and I have used Hyberg, White and Mann for years. I’ve used Joseph and Daniel White for my Workers’ Compensation case since 2018. I have nothing but love and respect for them and all the work they put forth for me. In my opinion, they are the best team in New Jersey.

– Bill

“If you need a great law firm to work with you, call Hyberg, White & Mann. If you want a lawyer that will work with you and for you then I would recommend Lars Hyberg. He will listen to you and try to do a great job to get the best settlement for you. I was very pleased with all that he and his staff did for me.”

– Carolyn N.

“I enjoyed greatly working with you. You and your staff are great people… I always enjoyed talking to you. I thought you all did a hell of a job… Thanks for all you did for me.”

– Matt S.

“I came to Lars Hyberg of Hyberg, White & Mann with a rather difficult type of case to achieve good results, but the results turned out to be above and beyond what I thought was possible. Lars is exceptional at what he does. It is nice to know that in today’s world you can relax and put total trust in a professional when you are at one of the more vulnerable and sensitive times of your life. My husband and I would not use anyone else.”

– Lynn M.

“My experience with Hyberg, White & Mann helped me navigate through uncharted territory. They made a difficult situation much simpler. I would recommend this practice to everyone.”

– B.

“My son and I were former clients of Mr. Hyberg. My son’s case was a large case…I was very impressed on how Mr. Hyberg took his time to make sure that my son received adequate compensation for his case. My son was also very pleased, not just with the end result but how Mr. Hyberg took personal interest in making sure that my son’s health was first priority. I was also very impressed with the professionalism from Mr. Hyberg’s personal assistant Mary who was always responsive and helpful during this difficult time for my son and me. I consider Mr. Hyberg not only someone that I would continue to use if needed, but would highly and have highly recommended his law firm to others. My son and I have gotten to know Mr. Hyberg during the course of my son’s case, and I also consider him someone I would call a friend.”

– LeRoy F.

“When I suffered a serious injury while working, my employer’s insurance fund fought me every step of the way. I turned to Joseph B. White for legal assistance. After he won my case at trial, they still refused to pay and appealed to a higher court but lost there, too. Thanks to Mr. White, I eventually received the compensation awarded to me by the Judge of Workers’ Compensation. I feel very fortunate I had Mr. White on my side throughout the process. I was very pleased with his handling of my case. He was very patient and honest with me whenever I had afterthought questions of any kind, and whenever I e-mailed him or called him, he always got back to me immediately. My case was a Workers’ Compensation Claim but if the other lawyers in his firm are as hard-working and dedicated as Mr. White, I would confidently retain their services if needed and would recommend them to anyone in need.

– D’Lynn C.

“Mr. White treated me with respect and cared about my injuries deeply. Every question I asked was answered in a way I could understand. If I called the office, I always received a returned call even if it was on the weekend. Mr. White worked very hard for me; for that I will always be thankful. I trust Joe and that trust helped me through some very hard times. Thank you, Joe.”

– Patrick S.

“The Law Offices of Hyberg, White & Mann saved my family’s future! Joe White and his paralegal, Jamie, are the best Workers’ Compensation team in NJ. Although my case was favorably settled in 2011, I still feel that I can call them for any legal assistance and they respond promptly!! Thanks so much!!”

– Bob M.

“For the past seven years I have utilized the legal services of Joseph White for a severe work injury I sustained and always found both him and his staff reliable, honest and dependable. Their goal is to always promote the best interests of their clients and they have a remarkable record of doing so. I know from experience this is the law firm for me. I can call them friends because they treat me as a friend, not just a client. I believe in them. Thank you for being there for me.”

– Peter B.

“When I was injured at work for a company that I had been employed by for 35 years, I thought even though the incident had left me 100% disabled and unable to have the many surgeries I needed due to a medical foul up, I believed that my company would come through for me. Boy was I wrong. I was left to fend for myself. I made an appointment with Joe White and even though the case was bizarre to say the least, Joe and his staff, especially Jamie, his paralegal, got me through it all. My company treated me like the enemy. Joe White gave me something I never thought I would have again – my dignity, my family, my life.”

– Thomas T.

“I was represented by Hyberg White & Mann, P.C. for a serious car accident that I was involved in while traveling during my job. Joe White successfully handled my claim for workers compensation while Lars Hyberg expertly represented me in the personal injury lawsuit against the other driver who hit me. Between Joe and Lars, they were both right on the case. I never worried about anything and I was always kept up to date and well informed as the case moved from Joe’s expertise into Lars’s field. My best interests and those of my family were clearly at the top of their list. I would recommend their Professional services to anyone.”

– Ron N.

“As an employee, I believed that when I was injured while working I would be cared for and provided with the best medical attention that the area could offer. Little did I realize that this was not the case, especially after spending months pleading with doctors to make me whole again. I had no idea of what my “rights” were concerning an on the job injury. I felt alone and scared that I would not be able to reclaim my life and activities. After leaving the doctor’s office one day and being told that there was nothing more that could be done, I researched top southern New Jersey attorneys and fortunately selected Hyberg, White & Mann. In just one phone call I was on my way to receiving the medical care I needed and more importantly deserved. The staff and firm are wonderful in meeting each client’s specific needs. I could not have asked for a more compassionate and understanding firm to work with. I greatly appreciate all that Hyberg, White & Mann have done for me and my family.”

– Laura H.

“I was introduced to Joe White in 1995 when I seriously injured my back at work. After 2 failed surgeries, constant physical therapy, and medications, the workers compensation carrier refused me further care. Mr. White immediately filed suit with the WC court and succeeded in getting me the help I needed. I was eventually awarded 100% Disability along with full Social Security. Joe is not only my WC Attorney but also a great friend who actually saved my life.”

– David C.

“One of the best decisions of my life was to follow the recommendation to go to Lars Hyberg after I was injured. He took care of everything for me and I will be forever grateful.”

– Samantha

“My experience with the law firm of Hyberg, White and Mann was totally positive.  Mr. White is a skilled, dedicated workers’ compensation attorney.  He worked diligently on my behalf from 2009 – 2015.  Mr. White overcame every obstacle, and navigated the Court system flawlessly.  He made sure I saw the highest quality doctors and follow up.

His knowledge, expertise, and attention to detail are impeccable.  He is a man of integrity.  When others would have given up, he persisted.  He made sure I got the absolute most I could get.  He gave me more than 100% of his attention.  Mr. White was just a phone call away through and all.  He answered all my questions and kept me updated.  He filed all papers in a timely manner and made sure I got copies.  If he needed anything from me he gave me ample notice and detailed instructions.

Mr. White’s assistant, Kathleen Kirkpatrick, is a true professional.  She is kind, patient, understanding, trustworthy, loyal, and dedicated.  She took all my calls and was always so helpful.  If I had any questions she answered them if she could or got back to me in a timely manner or Mr. White did.

I was treated with dignity and respect at all times by everyone I had contact with who works in this office.  It takes many people to run a law office.  All who work for this office are the highest caliber.  I would recommend this law firm to anyone and everyone for workers’ compensation or any other type of cases they handle.  They are the best so why settle for less?”

– Carolyn B.

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